Thursday, January 17, 2019

My Light and Airy Tent Wedding

Ethereal, timeless, light, airy, black tie.

All words carefully selected to describe how I wanted my wedding day to FEEL as I was deep in the throes of planning. 

Planning the aesthetic of my wedding was SO much fun. That's the best way to describe it.

There was variety and brainstorming and selection and revision and I adored the process. 

Take a peek at how it all came together, from tent liners to tablescapes.

The above magic was actually our PLAN B, thanks to mother nature. 

The original ceremony was set to be outside, with a floral archway as our alter focal point and the sky above as a gorgeous backdrop.

Once I saw the fireplace mantel dripping with blush and cream roses, and the glow of 30 candles cascading off the chandelier and ancient hardwood floors, any remorse I felt for my outdoor ceremony was but a cloudy thought in the far corners of my mind.

GONE, to put it simply.

It felt like Beauty and the Beast and the royal wedding all rolled into one glamorous, romantic moment.

Like, I look at these photos and just GUSH. Or maybe it's the coffee coursing through my veins as I type that has me extra enthusiastic about how these photos turned out ;) 

Post vows, happy tears, and "I do", we were READY for our champagne.

These coup glasses were such a classy touch and we toasted and sipped our first drinks as husband and wife right in front of where we had just promised each other forever. 

Then it was party time. 

The reception was held under a tent that basically looked like it might take off and float away to a cloud kingdom fairy land. JUST the vibe I wanted, light and airy, and a touch whimsical. 

Our cake sported elegant gold script that read our first dance lyrics. Escort cards were embellished with monogrammed blush wax seals for a little touch of unique as guests found their seats.

Details really make the day special. 

I wish I could have just sat and lingered under the tent the morning of my wedding, soaking in the beauty and light before all the smiling faces, dancing, and whirlwind of an evening began.

Colors, textures, and ideas brought to life truly materialized into my dream wedding. I have to thank so many wonderful vendors who's hard work made it all happen.

These pictures will forever take me back to my special day!

Stellar vendors:

Florals: Southern Posies
Wedding Planner: Becky's Brides
Hair and Makeup: Raww Beauty 
Photographer: Danielle McBrayer
Videographer: The Film Poets

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