Tuesday, January 22, 2019

A Blogger's Guide to Visting Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a special little town along the coast of the pacific ocean, nestled between LA and wine country. It's the perfect getaway for anyone suffering from socal traffic, or a landlocked city.

The rugged Sane Ynez mountains literally meet the sea in a spectacular display of untamed beauty. If a scenic getaway is what you're in the mood for, Santa Barbara is the place. 

So naturally I was thrilled when my husband (still getting used to saying that word!) whisked me away for a weekend in this cozy, gem of a town. 

Where to Stay:

I've stayed at 3 different hotels in Santa Barbara, my favorites being:

(old California ambiance, off the beaten path, secluded, romantic AF, and they serve up complimentary warm cookies at the concierge desk). 

I actually toyed around with the idea of renting out the entire place for my wedding. With only 23 rooms, it's insanely intimate and one of the top boutique hotels in all of California.  

The charm of this place is just unreal. 

More recently, I've had the pleasure of staying at Hotel Californian.

I attempted to describe this hotel's absolute delicious design, but their website says it best:

"Featuring Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and modern Moorish themed interior décor from celebrity designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, the Hotel Californian is the new center of the Santa Barbara waterfront. Incorporating the façade of the original 1925 Hotel Californian, this 121 room seaside destination features a rooftop pool and event deck providing panoramic views of the coastline and the Santa Ynez Mountains."

It truly is a feast for the eyes and just feels SO luxury, but in the beautiful laid back socal way. Everyone from the bellhop to the bartender is sweeter than pie!

Where to Eat:

Twinkling string light-lit patio, excellent service, delectably petite rolls that make you truly savor each bite (and not overdo it), and allll the Sake you could ever want! 

We ran into another couple at our hotel bar who were also making this a dinner destination during their stay.

Modern Mexican cuisine and mixology that truly satisfied my need for flavor. The crab enchiladas were bomb.com and they give you 3 different salsas along with tortilla chips the moment you sit down.

Where to Drink: 

Only a few weeks old, this small bar is cozied up to the library in the main building of Hotel Californian.

I sort of felt like an old-time starlet sipping martinis next to Chris :) 

With a white marble bar and board games on hand, I was immediately sold. It was pretty mellow when Chris and I sat down for a few cocktails, but I can tell this place will become very popular in the coming months! 

As of our December visit, they haven't even advertised yet!

Chris spotted this little joint while we were strolling State street. They just celebrated their 4 year anniversary! 

It's a wonderful place for drinks and the ambiance is on point.

What to Do:

Take the complimentary beach cruisers most of the local hotels provide for a spin along the waterfront biking path. You can see the mountains, harbor, and city so well!

Stroll State Street. It's an iconic street with shop after shop, movie theaters, bars, and restaurants. Much of the nightlife is situated on and around State Street. 

You can actually take this street all the way from inland Santa Barbara to the pier that stretches out over the water.  

Hike. The vistas in Santa Barbara are breathtaking! 

Eat fresh seafood at the pier. Get there early for the literal fresh-caught bites of the pacific's bounty. 

Catch a movie or live performance at the glorious old-Spanish-style Riviera theater, it's so so beautiful on the inside. 

Santa Barbara truly has a special place in my heart. I hope you enjoyed this little guide! Feel free to pop in questions in the comments below :)


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