Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A Blogger's Guide to New York at Christmas Time Part, 3

I hope everyone had an AMAZING Christmas and *sparkling* New Year's Eve.

I took a little breather during the holidays and in turn, my blog took a bit of a cat nap ;)

But I'm back with a fury, fingers flying about my keyboard, and filled with inspiration for the coming year! Let's dive right into the final installation of my New York at Christmas Time blog series.

Danielle and I knew we wanted to take some pictures at an ice skating rink in New York. So iconic! There are several to choose from, and you really can't go wrong.

We settled on Bryant Park because of the adorable, bustling Winter Village that accompanies this city-centric rink during the holidays.

We were able to purchase some of THE best hot chocolate at one of the village stalls. It came piping hot out of an old-time brass basin and wonderfully took the chill from our bones post skating.

One of the highlights of our trip to Bryant Park was getting to meet up with Taelyr Robinson! She's an adorable blogger, model, and contestant for Miss USA.

We had connected over Instagram and I was so thrilled that she was free to meet up and shoot with us during our stint in the city. While both of our skating skills were somewhat lacking, our smiles and laughter were abundant.

After we downed the remnants of our hot chocolate we all hopped in an Uber together and headed to the MET.

Initially I was excited about capturing Gossip Girl-esque photos on the STEPS to the MET, but once we entered the museum, I was completely transformed.

The amount of history and beauty this museum encompasses seriously pierced something in my soul. It is A MUST SEE if visiting New York.

Just make sure to wear comfortable shoes, because you can easily spend several hours there.

Each painting and sculpture echoed with stories begging to be told. It was one of the most magical experiences ever.

Danielle particularly enjoyed our visit to the MET, being a bit of an art buff. She wowed Taelyr and myself with context on many of the more famous pieces, including details like the era, influence, and techniques used.

And she wore a red beret around the city that day, which was just plain adorable.


If you go with a local New Yorker you can get in with a donation (of any amount!) and forgo paying the designated ticket prices. Just make sure they have their I.D.


Spaghetti Incident

Incredibly cozy, run by true Italians, and DELISH.


Staying at an airbnb and have check in/check out times that leave you lugging your, well, luggage?

Try one of the dozens of hidden luggage holds sprinkled throughout the city!

Thanks to Danielle's travel-savvy dad, we were able to learn about these nifty stowage spots.

Ours was disguised as a falafel shop on the outside, but secretly stowed luggage in the back. You register online and provide them with your confirmation once you arrive, bags in tow.

Then you take a ticket that correlates with your bags and go about your touristing!

While I was skeptical, it was 100% legit!

We used Vertoe.

And they actually sold falafels. Still confused about this.

New York was such a dream, it is truly one of my favorite cities. Let me know if there are any other New York related travel questions you might have! Leave a comment below :)

Until next time,


Gossip Girl.

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