Sunday, December 9, 2018

A Blogger's Guide to New York At Christmas Time

The streets are aglow with Christmas lights, the chill in the air makes you draw your coat closer around you, and the holiday spirit is literally palpable on the streets of New York during Christmas time.

The nights seem so much BRIGHTER and every bar and restaurant looks like a movie scene with their twinkling holiday decor and frosted glass windows.

It was the perfect place to officially turn 30 years old on planet earth. Bringing my friend and talented photographer Danielle along was icing on the cake!

The night we landed we grabbed apps at Dirty French and then braved the cold and headed straight to Rockefeller Center for all the Home Alone 2 nostalgia and Christmas tree pics.

We arrived about 30 minutes until closing and the crowds were minimal. It was the perfect time to snap a few shots of the infamous Rockefeller Christmas tree in all her glory :)

The next day we nibbled on peanut butter and toast in the morning light (purchased from the grocery store on the corner the night before) and then navigated the subway to Brooklyn Bridge. Well, I should say DANIELLE navigated the subway. She was pretty much the trailblazer for every place we went to in NY, and for that I'm very grateful.

I was super excited to rock this plaid coat, the colors really popped against the grey skies and steely makeup of the bridge and cityscape. 

Living in San Diego, it's rare I get to don a heavy coat, so as silly as it seems, this aspect really added to the magic and took me back to my days as a midwest girl. 

The red beret I've had since college, but I found a similar one here

It was such a fun addition to the outfit. 

The Brooklyn Bridge offers sweeping views of the city (especially when coming from the Brooklyn side). The walk is actually much prettier heading from Brooklyn TO Manhattan, the opposite of what we did.

After a frigid hour or so on the bridge we took an Uber deeper into Brooklyn to grab coffee and pastries at the most quaint bakery ever. The place was so full of charm and it felt like a locals only kind of place, a true escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

I opted for a lemon tart that was bursting with flavor and Danielle and I sat for some time in the bakery, enjoying the warmth and ambiance.

The wind chill was bitter cold, but these pictures truly warm my heart.

It was an amazing first two days in the city. We did a TON of walking, which made up for the TON of calories we consumed as well ;)

MUCH more to come,

xoxo,  Gossip Girl

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All photos are by Danielle McBrayer.

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