Thursday, July 12, 2018

San Diego Rainbow Bachelorette

I had not one, but TWO bachelorette parties. 

To some this may seem overindulgent. But with multiple babes in multiple cities, this was the perfect way to celebrate with all my best girls! 

My San Diego bachelorette was nothing short of amazing. We kicked off the day with a boozey brunch at Kindred, a scrumptious vegan eatery known for their heavy metal playlist and black cat decor (contrasted with gorgeous white marble and pink wallpaper). 

Did I have aesthetic in mind when I selected this San Diego gem? Absolutely.

Luckily the food was equally perfect. I devoured gluten free pancakes with caramelized banana, bourbon butterscotch, whipped coconut cream, walnuts, and syrup. They were ISNANE.

If you aren't sure about vegan food I super duper recommend to give this spot a try if you're ever in San Diego. (years ago the word vegan made me roll my eyes, I had so many judgements and assumptions about the word. Now I'm down for a vegan meal most days of the week and enjoy all the health benefits!). 

Amidst the pancake orders and brightly colored mimosas the girls in attendance took turns asking me all kinds of questions my bachelorette party planner dreamt up (THANK YOU ALISON). They ranged from what I'm most excited about for marriage to...more risqué questions LOL.

After our sunlit boozey brunch we started our bar hopping spree around San Diego. It was so fun sipping rosé in the daylight, surrounded by my favorite women. 

The highlight? Sipping a GIANT pink alcoholic something at a divey, pastel beachside cafe in Pacific Beach. I chased my sugar-overdose with steak tacos. YUM. 

As a fun spin on the traditional bachelorette attire, I wore a technicolor dream ensemble from Show Me Your Mumu and had the girls wear all white :) 

I'm feeling so grateful for these ladies in my life, some passionate entrepreneurs, others directors at large companies, and all equally amazing, supportive people during my journey to say "I Do." 

The countdown is on to the big day! I THINK we are at about 100 days to go, but I'm honestly not keeping track (just want it to get here!). More wedding fun to come! Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!


Hair by Shawn Knudsen

Makeup by Kelsey Long

Outfit by Show Me Your Mumu 

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