Sunday, July 22, 2018

Amazon Prime Deals for Summer

Summer is in full swing and Amazon Prime has me feelin' fine ;) 

Seriously, I am in love with scouring for deals on this product mecca of a website. The free two-day shipping just seals the deal for me!

I'll cut right to the chase and share my second post on cute Amazon Prime clothing finds that you need in your online shopping cart right meow. Missed the other post? Click here to read up. 

This top is a wardrobe staple that pairs with any high-waisted bottoms including shorts, skirts, or palazzo pants. It's a total ten and I find myself reaching for it more and more. I think I need it in black too now...

It's super comfy (one of those effortless tops that just WORKS) and comes in multiple colors too, check it here.

This swimsuit is obviously cute enough for IG stories, hence the screen shot of my latest beach boomerang LOL. I'm in love with the super stretchy material and high-cut bottoms that are ├╝ber leg-lengthening. A lot of these style bottoms cut into my hips too much and make for an unflattering look, but not this suit! 

The little tie knot in the front is the perfect touch for this retro look. This swimsuit also comes in multiple colors. I went with the burnt orange and I'm very glad I did! (note, the color is much darker than the images on the model, but I was happy with that) 

Disclaimer: This suit is bootylicious. Be advised ;) ALSO, it's $16.99!! A dollar less than what I listed in the image. Click here to take a look. 

Drooling over this red tie-front dress! It's so comfy and classy looking with buttons all the way down the front of the skirt. The length is very conservative, allowing for the top to be the real showstopper. 

If you are on the shorter side I recommend wearing with heels, given the longer skirt.

This dress also comes in several colors and I couldn't help but buy for my friend Brittney's birthday too! 

Lastly the quality of this piece is on point. What. a. steal. Find it here

I wish I had a better picture, but get ready for the comfiest high-waisted shorts EVER. So much stretch and the perfect wash (there are two options if you want a darker shade!).

I loved tucking in this graphic tee for a comfy, casual look. 

I went with a size medium for more coverage while visiting my family :) Check the detes on these here!

SIGH, I just love Amazon Prime!! Which of these looks do you think you might give a try? Let me know if you guys like posts like these. They're certainly a ton of fun for me to create for you!

Psssst, here's the link to my very first Amazon cute clothing finds post, in case you missed it: clickety click

(hint, I link my ultra slinky/sexy engagement pictures' dress that I got for under $30)

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