Friday, April 27, 2018

Scottsdale Bachelorette Weekend Recap

Finallllyyy, my bachelorette weekend recap!

Here I am, still slightly dehydrated, and full to the brim with love from three days spent laughing, dancing, hiking, and of course, sipping some major libations with my very best girls in sunny Scottsdale, AZ.

I have to give Scottsdale major props as a bachelorette destination. While it may seem like an unlikely host city for something as iconic as a bachelorette party (with places like Vegas and Mexico as common favorites) it has some serious merit.

Scottsdale has all the charm of Palm Springs, but with a more buzzing nightlife and tons of options for activities!

The weather was absolutely perfect. If we had traveled to this desert hotspot any later than April, I think the weather would have bordered on being too toasty for comfort. Arizona is literally sizzling in the summer (100+ degrees, melt-your-face-off hot). So be advised when planning vacations or events in this desert oasis.

April was just the right time to go!

Day 1

We kicked off the long weekend by lounging poolside at The Saguaro, a festive hotel known for a wild color scheme and gorge aesthetics. There's also one in Palm Springs.

The colors were EVERYTHING. My girls were savvy enough to secure a cabana, so we had plenty of privacy to sip drinks and catch up. It had been nearly a year since we all had been together (we're a group of high school and college besties from the midwest, now living in different states) and the time and distance between us dissolved like a sugar rim on a strawberry margarita glass :)

I DO pity the poor pool-goers that shared The Saguro grounds with us that day, as we were very loud and rambunctious by drink # 3 and the place was pretty mellow otherwise. 

Ariel, of Ariel Miles Photography was there to capture the shenanigans. She's a Phoenix local and an absolute gem I located through Instagram.

 My girls were champs in accommodating my photo taking requests as we tiptoed precariously in sky-high wedges throughout the hotel, posing in front of rainbow-hued architecture and cheersing drinks repeatedly until only watery remains glistened in our cup bottoms. 

Flamingo-clad straws graced many of the photos along with brightly colored pool floats and too many smiles to count. And of course, Ariel killed it. How dreamy, candid, cute are these pics!?

I donned a pink bride-to-be one piece that I bought off Etsy along with my trusty wide-brimmed hat and tan wedges from Forever21.

We rounded out the day by cooking pizzas back at our Airbnb and settled in for some much needed rest. The Airbnb was DECKED out with immensely girly decor (my fave) complete with a 5ft tall hand-painted flamingo sporting a flower crown.

Bach Stash, an adorable bachelorette party supply biz, generously provided a gazillion items to help make my weekend an aesthetic wonderland. From gold and white striped drinking straws, to cute cactus and giant engagement ring balloons, the place was poppin' in the decor department. Make sure to check out Bach Stash for their adorable bachelorette supply party packages that are VERY reasonable.

I think they even have a Cinco De Mayo themed box, perfect timing!  

Day 2

The following day was a beautiful slow morning, my favorite kind. The girls sipped their coffees and we all enjoyed-fruit laden smoothie bowls, thanks to matron of honor Brittney (she's our wiz of a chef in the group).

Once everyone had their fill we donned athletic wear (mine being an all-white matching sports bra and mesh-paneled leggings set from Forever21) and pink visors I purchased off Amazon for the girls.

Have you noticed I like pink? I ordered these little visors and placed them in the girls' bridesmaid goodie bags. They were perfect sun protection for our hike in the Arizona heat.

I just love a good goodie bag :)

We packed into the car and drove to a hiking location by the name of Hole-in-the-Rock. The hike entailed a gentle climb towards a huge rock formation overlooking Phoenix, which, you guessed it, had a ginormous hole in the rock. 

That evening bridesmaid Stacey whipped out her smorgasbord of makeup products and gave me a super glam look (contouring, false lashes, the works!). Stacey has come a long way from experimenting with makeup on my 11-year-old-face (back when we first met in 6th grade) and is truly a master of makeup. Definitely check out her Instagram for inspiration.

Matron of honor Brittney gave my hair loose waves. It felt SO nice to just sit and have someone else take care of making me look good for our big night out! Brittney even provided a white bridal robe to don as I got ready.

A few games, drinks, an all black entourage, and one saucy white two-piece set later (also from Forever21, are you seeing a theme?) and we were ready to paint the town. 

Bridesmaid Laura couldn't bare to have us waiting in the long line that snaked about outside one of the bars. She boldly stomped up to the bouncer and somehow got us all through immediately.

Bachelorette fairy godmother much? 

Next we stumbled onto a bachelor party that had secured a bottle-service booth overlooking the main street. We clambered up to join them and spent the next hour enjoying the fresh air, free drinks, and the view.

I may or may not have ended up dancing on the table. I'll let you decide ;)

It was the perfect night on the town dancing and being ridiculous with my friends. The best part? We were home by 1!

Sorry, but I love my sleep.

Day 3

Tired is an understatement. We dragged our weary butts to the Airbnb's pool and enjoyed each other's company for a last day together. 

We talked husbands, babies, faith, Emergenetics profiles, and everything under the sun.

Sunday morning five of six sleepy-eyed girls entered the Phoenix airport. Three were to return to the snowy midwest, one to the mild South, one to balmy San Diego, and one to drive a short road back to her Phoenix home. No matter the final destination, we all felt a little warmer inside after our weekend in the desert sun.

It's crazy what good company can do for a person's soul. And perhaps even more notable is the power of supportive, female friendships.

A huge thank you to my bridesmaids for putting together such an epic, Taylor-inspired weekend.

Stace - thank you for the super special makeup application and amazing iPhone picture-taking skills! You truly have a gift and I love watching you share it with the world.

Lo - thank you for hauling an absurd amount of groceries to and from the Airbnb AND for getting us to the front of the line at the bars ;)

Lyn - thank you for your contagious positivity and energy all while BREAST PUMPING on the trip (BOSS lady). You made me feel so special I cried a little when we first hugged.

P.S why you so hot mama?

Madi - thank you for taking the brunt of my bridezilla (mostly joking) moments and executing the more Taylor-centric requests. I feel closer to you than ever and LOVED having my sis join our time-honored friend group.

Brit - you envisioned, planned, and executed like only a Chess would do for a Fran. I'm forever grateful to have had you lead this entire shebang!

They truly thought of every detail! 

I highly recommend Phoenix as a bachelorette destination and if you have ANY questions at all about outfits, locations, things to do etc. ask in the comments below OR comment on my latest Instagram post and I will answer :)

Now it's time to adjust to reality. I have loads of travel ahead with my job at Tony Robbins, I can't wait to share my future adventures! 

Talk soon. 


Special thanks to The Saguaro for the free champagne!

And endless gratitude for Ariel of Ariel Miles Photography for the amazing photos.


  1. Hi Taylor, super cute recap! It sounds like you guys had a fabulous time. I was wondering if you could give some insight on the sizing of your pink BRIDE TO BE suit. Its super cute! I reviewed the etsy store and looks like all sales are final. That makes it pretty tricky when ordering a suit online. How tall are you and what size are you wearing? Would you recommend sizing up or is it pretty true to size?

    1. Hey Courtney!! Yes, I ordered a size SMALL :) I'm 5'6. It felt true to size and not too snug. Let me know if you need any other info, excited for you!