Sunday, March 4, 2018

7 Life-Giving Amazon Prime Deals (you don't want to miss)

Amazon Prime gives me life. At any given moment I can have 1-5 items in route to my doorstep from this product wonderland. 

Who doesn't love coming home to a highly anticipated package!? It's fun and certainly spices up a mundane week. Plus, many of the things we buy off Amazon are staples to everyday life (like toilet paper and dog food. Yes, all of which you can purchase off Amazon). 

If you read my previous blog post on 5 Cute Clothing Amazon Finds, then you know I'm tenacious AF when it comes to reading reviews and scouring Amazon for deals. I love taking the work out of finding cute items for less for my readers! I sure hope you guys love it too ;) 

I'm taking it a step further and sharing 7 life-giving Amazon Prime deals. These babies are brilliant, random, life hacks, and just for fun. Enjoy!

1. The cutest little space heater.

Name ONE office in all of America that is not freezing balls. lol am I right? This little retro-aesthetic-cutie heater is not only easy on the eyes, but it's SUPER powerful. I keep it under my desk at work and I'm toasty warm.

It would easily warm a small room as well! I'm serious, sometimes I have to turn it off because I get too warm with it on. The little cutie WORKS. And I love that it's white and not a black clunker, like a lot of the heaters out there. Linked here.

2. Silicon heart-shaped mold pan.

I mean, it's just so cute. It's nonstick and perfect for heart-shaped cupcakes or egg souffl├ęs. The customer review images showcase people's creations using this pan and they are seriously so adorable.

Show a little love year round for your hubby, kiddos, or roomies :) For less than $10. Linked here!

3. My latest low-carb obsession.

Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential has turned these obscure Scandinavian crackers into a cult following. The secret here is not to eat the crackers by themselves (get ready for a mouth full of cardboard if you do). These are not tasty on their own. But man, are they good topped with avocado and siracha or slathered with nut butter, honey, and bananas.

There are so many combinations to make these crackers the rockstar of your breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

The point is to use them as a vehicle for toppings, as Lauryn puts it. Each cracker is loaded with fiber (yay no bloat) and has 20 calories each. You get the "crunch" of a normal super carby cracker and the satisfying "fill," but without all the cals.

Linked these cracktastic crackers here.

4. Mini oil diffuser.

I'm always looking to up the ambiance of any environment I'm in, especially that of a work environment.

I plopped this little oil diffuser on my desk at work, plugged it in, and instantly felt a sensation of relaxation. It emits a solid stream of mist, has soft glowing lights that change color, and is "whisper quiet" according to the description.

I can vouch! While small and discrete, it does the job - perfect for an office environment. Everyone that walks by my desk comments pleasantly about the essential oil aroma (almost to themselves), but no one ever knows it's coming from my desk! :) My coworker actually recommended this one!

Linked this little dreamy office accessory here.

5.  Macrame wall hanging of your dreams.

These are trending big time in home decor. I've seen some priced in the hundreds! This beauty is less than $20 (say what!?). And it's BIG!

I purchased to hang over my bed and it's gorgeous. Get your own here.

6. So cute it hurts, polkadot crockpot.

Medium in size, large in adorableness. I love loading this black and white polkadot crockpot up with chicken breast and salsa verde for a delicious dinner option.

It's my first crockpot ever (not very domestic here) and I have zero complaints!

Take a look here.

7. Game changer for luminous skin.

Hello Rosehip oil. Have you heard of it?

It's all natural from mother nature and treats fine lines, acne, scarring, and regenerates skin tissues with omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9.

And this particular bottle is organic AND under $9. Crazy right? I slather this stuff on as part of my nightly routine. I've linked the exact bottle here.

I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite Amazon deals on Prime. They're each a product I would 100% buy again (and do in the case of the Rosehip oil!).

Are there any other Amazon Prime deals I'm totally missing out on? Share them in the comments!

Talk soon! xo


  1. Love this! I love Amazon, so this was a great post! Definitely adding some of these to my cart!

    1. Thanks so much Madison!! It's getting addicting haha :) Love your name btw, that's my sister's name!

  2. Yas girl! Amazon prime obsessed over here. Seriously love getting packages so fast. Thanks for sharing. Xoxo

    1. For sure lady!! gimme all the packages lol :)

  3. The space heater stole my heart! I'm always freezing lol

  4. You've sold me! Lol! Just ordered the rosehip oil.

  5. The little space heater is perfect for me! I'm always getting so cold, even during the summer. thanks for the post!

    1. I'm always cold too!! So glad you liked it :)