Friday, February 9, 2018

Valentine's Day, Sweet Looks for Less

I adore this time of year! The chill that settles onto most of the country is met with heart-shaped pastries and warm, tingly feelings as Valentine's Day draws near. 

We've all had a breather from the holidays and we're aching for some more magic. 

As a child Valentine's Day seemed SO magical. I like to keep the magic alive that I felt for things as a child. As a result, I'm always looking for a reason to celebrate and make things special. Valentine's Day is no different. 

It's a time to celebrate all forms of love and honor those who are closest in your life. I just sealed the envelope on a small valentine (yes, the old school kind with a "to" and "from" line) addressed to my parents. 

It's a tiny, tiny gesture, but will hopefully show them that they are loved. 

Beyond the warmth of this holiday comes some annoyances too. There's all the hype around having someone to spend the holiday with romantically, and of course, an outfit that's required to go along with it. 

Fancy restaurant reservations litter many of our calendars this time of year and Google searches for "little red dress" spike in number. 

There's absolutely nothing wrong with dressing up for Valentine's Day and rocking fire-engine-red lipstick or a slinky dress and heels for a date.

It's a cute look, but I've done it before. 

This year I'm looking for something a little more laid back. Something SWEET and SIMPLE for my Valentine's Day look.

I think I found some good options if you guys are interested! The best part?

The price point is everyyything AND it's a look that can easily go from day to night. So if your coffee date lingers into happy hour, you're SO good to go! 

Speaking of which, do you have a date for V-Day? I'm curious, if you're meeting someone for the first time are you more likely to suggest coffee or jump straight to libations?

For those in long term-relationships, how are you keeping things VA VA VOOM this Valentine's Day? (everyone says spicy, so I went for va va voom lol).

My fiancé and I are doing a bit of a mix.

We've booked this adorable cabin Airbnb in Idyllwild, CA for the weekend. Think stone fireplace, string light patio, nestled in the mountains vibes. After reviewing our finances, I'm cancelling our dinner reservations we had for the weekend AFTER at this super cool spot in downtown San Diego.

I'm a little sad, but we will be able to enjoy a rustic weekend in the mountains, opt for a less expensive dinner, and I can rock one of these cute outfits. 

This look felt so urban, understated, and cozy. I want to wear this sweater everywhere; on planes, to work, shopping, dinner, post-workout. lol you get the picture. It's versatile. 

This MIGHT be one of my favorite crop tops of all time. And I'm a crop top connoisseur (mom, aren't you proud?), so that's saying something. Belle sleeves are my weakness, blush is so fem and so V-Day, and the black belt/ripped jeans offer such a cool contrast. 

It's like I'm sweet, but I'm not that sweet. haha.

Also, the elastic off-the-shoulder on this top is great, you can situate it as low or as high as you like.

Back to our cancelled schmancy dinner reservations. It's all about balance, right? 

And if I'm being totally honest here, I'm a tad relieved. There's so much expectation in throwing on a dress, ubering downtown, and forking out $100+ on a schmancy dinner. Like, sure hope it's a good meal!

So. much. fuss.

I challenge you to try for an understated V-day look that's sweet an simple. Hold off on the dress and try for a slouchy sweater and over-the-knee-boots. I felt super sexy in this outfit, with just the tops of my thighs peeking out and everything else warm, cozy, and covered. 

The cropped belle sleeve felt so cool and hippie and the belt gave it western vibes that toned down the look even more.  

Who knew casual could be so cool.

Who knows, it may set the tone for a surprisingly magical Valentines :)

Cheers to love!

Post Details: 

Cropped rose belle sleeve top can be found here. I ordered a small. 

Oversized, holy sweater linked here. I ordered a small and it was super roomy and I wanted to stay in it all day!

Shop more V-day looks for less at Tobi OR try my Cute Clothing Amazon Finds post

Photos by Danielle McBrayer.


  1. Love the laid back look for Valentine's Day! It's not always about dressing up in a fancy dress and heels. And great photos!

  2. Love the outfits and your photos! Also definitely love that these looks are casual and laid back, my favorite kind of valentine's day!!

  3. Love your outfits, I am glad I found your blog through facebook :) xx

    1. Thanks so much lady!! xoxo Can't wait to read yours!