Sunday, January 14, 2018

Getting Cozy in the Home

During 2017 travel became a major theme in my life. I LOVE to travel! But there really isn't anything like being in your own home and sleeping in your own bed.

Even the best hotel housekeeping and delicious midnight room service can get old when you're on the road. 

With my new-found appreciation for mi casa, I've been looking for ways to capitalize on in-home ambiance and relaxation. 

Currently I have THIS as my "get cozy" routine. Nine times out of ten this is what I do the moment I walk in the door:

Turn on essential oil diffuser (I have two, but I JUST bought this mini desk diffuser).

Light a minimum of seven candles (three on the coffee table, two in the bathroom, one in the bedroom, and one on my desk). The Bath and Body Works 3-wick candles are no doubt my favorite! 

Turn on my favorite Pandora station: Lord Huron. I use a bluetooth speaker so I can hear the music no matter what room I'm in.

Another fun new option for me music-wise is to throw a record on our new turn table! Although I'm still a little uncertain about where to drop the needle :)

TIDY UP. Sounds weird, but I seriously will straighten the throw pillows on the couch, make sure my laptop and work bag are put away, and eliminate any eye sores in the room as far as messiness or disarray.

Brew some hot tea (mint!) or make hot lemon water (I need to write a post on the benefits of this). As a treat, I'll do coffee if it's in the AM. 

Visually, my place is orderly and in turn my mind feels more at ease and ready to unwind in a space that is pouring with the aroma of candles and the milky mists of essential oils. 

The candlelight dances along the walls and the air is heavy with lavender and I'm totally ready to just BE.

Try it! What do you do to unwind and ensure your home is promoting relaxation and all the cozy vibes? Any must-have items or tips? I would love to hear!

Photos by: The Blonde Blogs