Friday, June 2, 2017

Summer Watch Giveaway

Nothing says Summer like beaches, boardwalks, and boarding planes to exotic destinations!

With many of you dreaming of impending departures to sandier places, I know packing and Summer-style-must-haves are on your mind. (like, can I have every beach tote that Target has?)

To commend the start of what's sure to be a BREATHTAKING Summer and to help amp up your Summer style, I'm partnering with JORD Watches to give away one of their...

Super chic.

Perfect travel accessory. 


 (like, matching the beach boardwalk)


I'm not making you do anything crazy or follow a zillion people on Instagram in order to win one of these killer watches. It's so easy to enter!

But first, let me brag on my watch. I have the Dark Sandalwood and Mint. That name just sizzles when you say it. 

The mint face is a super fun pop of color for any outfit (they have pink too!). These are very high quality watches, handmade in my hometown, St. Louis! They're a natural fit to wear in the office or professional settings. (I feel like a watch provides instant class and sophistication, even if all you had time to don was a messy bun). 

I have my JORD watch on now as I type and I feel extra bookish, wordsmith-ish. 

 On the flip side, the sandalwood makes dressing this watch down easy as pie for days spent in flip flops and a sarong. The wood gives off an earthly feel that truly radiates in any environment. I even rock it on the beach!

OK, so about this giveaway. It's not just for gals. Guys, they have some amazing men's watches for you too! Just check out their insta, it's droolworthy. You can select your preferred watch as part of the contest entry! The winner will receive $100 towards a cool men's or women's watch!

The cherry on top? Each contest entry will receive $25 off a watch! So even if you don't win the contest, you still WIN!

Enter the contest *here* 

Or go to my Instagram bio for the link!

Best of luck and happy trails this Summer!

Cool Watches


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  4. I love those photos (can I steal that pineapple coaster sometime?!).

    🍉 Pia

    1. haha anytime Pia! It's actually a mouse pad I ordered from Etsy :) and THANK YOU!

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