Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Fashion

Wow, I haven't written a solely style blog post in some time. I love digging deeper than the typical blogger topics, BUT I also love the staples of girly bloggerdom, like makeup and fashion. 

We all need a little balance in our lives, right?

One of my favorite bloggers, The Skinny Confidential, puts it this way:

"Think kale in one hand and champagne in the other"

The idea of mixing self-reflective, encouraging blog posts with the more trivial topics seems like the perfect balance! To personalize the The Skinny Confidential's analogy, I'll say it's like me having my cold brew coffee with shitty fake drugstore creamer in one hand (you know, the ones with the labels with pictures of cinnamon rolls and other ridiculous sweets?), and my detox hot lemon water in the other. 


So here's a spring style for you! I LOVED how this outfit turned out.

I must say, if you don't already own a wide-brimmed hat, invest in one! There's something about girls in hats, it totally takes any style to another level. Hats ooze confidence and a touch of playfulness. 

Definitely a spring wardrobe must that will carry over well into Summer as you spend your days by the pool or on the beach. 

Keeping the hat neutral allows for a ton of fun when it comes to the actual outfit. Bold colors and patterns are extra desirable around this time of year. Everyone feels like they're literally shedding their winter coats to don the budding foliage that is springing forth.

Pun intended. 

I went for a beach-stroll vibe and stuck to flats. One woman on the street actually verbalized aloud that she would have paired the outfit with wedges.

This was during a photography class I was helping with, mind you.

In front of like 8 students taking pictures of me...

I smiled and thanked her and her post-yoga self. What are you going to do? Everyone has an opinion. You sure as hell don't have to apply it.

The final touch to amp up this frolicky beach style was messy pigtails, tied up high around my chin and splayed out real funky (NOT neat at all!), and a bold retro-red lip.

I felt like I could be touring Hawaii on vacation in the 60's with my fabulous non-existent, rich husband!

It was one of those outfits that I truly felt comfortable in. The loose cropped jumpsuit cinched lightly at the waist, giving me just enough shape and leaving the rest for smooth and easy maneuvering throughout North Park's bustling streets. 

This gem of a jumpsuit is most likely long gone, but I've linked some similar ones that are sure to give you all the springy feels.

I hope you don some crazy fun patterns this Spring and truly enjoy the shifting of seasons. Good things to come my friends!


Photos by Kortney Pham
Venue: Pigment


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  2. BUT I also love the staples of girly bloggerdom, like makeup and fashion.

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