Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Podcasting With The Casual Creatives

My friends/fellow blogger boss babes Alyssa and Nancy of The Casual Creatives asked me to be on their brand new podcast!

AHHH, HOW COOL!? / do I have anything good to say? / What if I say "um" like 20,000 times. Or WORSE, what if I like, say "like" every other word.

Those were my initial thoughts.

Both Alyssa and Nancy have individual blogs and are KILLING it in the social media realm. They're hard working, coffee-at-midnight, creative-hearted, raven-haired hustlers.

Diva. Is. A. Female. Version. Of. A. Hustla.

They have a genuine friendship and support each other in pursuing their dreams of doing something beyond the ordinary. And they want to give the same support to others along the way.

Damn, they're generous. 

The Casual Creatives are all about getting real and raw and not hiding behind pretty Instagram pictures. 

(although, their Insta's are reallly pretty)

I really gravitated towards this new podcast revolving around community and support! So yes, I was pop-tart-popping-out-of-toaster excited to be on the show. Even with the nerves.

Are you ready to give this episode a listen? 

I would LOVE to hear your feedback! No really, specifically I want to know what you think about the part where I name my zombie apocalypse weapon of choice.

And perhaps what you think about the deep stuff too. WINK.

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  1. They're hard working, coffee-at-midnight, creative-hearted, raven-haired now

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