Monday, February 6, 2017

February Finds

Jumping straight to the point because NEW JOB, cold, and no time for frills. 

February has been fabulous thus far, and not just for the alliteration. It truly has been great! All six days of it. Now, as I hack away over the top of my keyboard, let me give you my February Finds - things I'm stoked over, things I've quite literally found, and just...things. 

Cough, cough. Sips tea. 

The new gig at Tony Robbins is a BLESSING.

Happy people, rad projects, WHITE desks! I love a white desk because it's perfect for my flat lay photos.


Avocado toast is happening. A LOT.

I love adding pepper and feta on top. If I'm in a sweets mood (which is like 25 times a day) I'll do Whole Foods' organic version of Nutella. 

Nearly just as tasty, hardly as horrible for you. 


I made a new concoction for my cold. Boil ginger root and garlic cloves, sprinkle turmeric, and enjoy the immune boosting benefits!

Very brothy, and throat soothing too. 

Your roommates will hate you because the entire house will smell of garlic.


Awesome collab with Coach! You may have seen the onslaught of pictures on my Instagram.


Valentine's Day is approaching and I really love holidays/themes/general festiveness. 


I already "found" reservations at a little local Italian spot by the water.

The bf is psyched he didn't have to plan that one. 

I'm psyched because we will actually get in a place. 

V-day is notoriously busy for restaurants so here's your friendly reminder to make reservations if you plan to dine out.  

If you plan to dine in, you win! You're more creative, romantic, and wallet savvy than I.


I'm feeling more and more comfortable with photo shoots! This means less awkward poses and better content for you guys.


I'm currently re-reading the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis with my long distance best friends. We have a Google Doc where we are sharing feedback after each chapter.


I'm currently listening to This American Life on my commute - it's an amazing podcast.

There you have it, February FOUND. 

Do you have any notable finds from your month so far? I'd love to hear what's going on in your life. 

Comment below!


  1. February has been fabulous thus far, and not just for the alliteration. It truly has been great! All six days of now

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