Tuesday, December 13, 2016

5 Reasons Why Airbnb is Better Than a Hotel

Alternative lodging is all the rage and for good reason. This is not just some hipster fad or backpacker's delight. This is cool, this is functional, this is enhanced vacationing. This is for you.

Check out why rentals like Airbnb and VRBO beat out the traditional hotel stay and why this works for any type of person.


This may sound corny, but it's true. Most of us are not connoisseurs of architecture and design or overly nostalgic of the traditional home vibes. But it makes a huge difference in the quality of your stay! 

Cookie-cutter hotel rooms often come off generic, cold, and void of culture. Even the luxury suites have a standard floor plan and bedding that the hotel company selected based on their budget and contracts with vendors. There is little room to customize or truly make it feel like a rare design for guests.

Enter Airbnb, with actual homes people have designed and decorated to match their personal tastes. So naturally, with the melting pot of preferences, there is something for every Airbnb or VRBO renter.

There are stark, crisp and modern homes with infinity pools. There are tiny cottages tucked at the end of mountain trails and adorned with a wood burning stove. There are beachside bungalows with palm tree bedding and a tiki bar out back. Really, the options are endless. Check out these amazing treehouse rentals Airbnb recently featured.

Community (insert heart emoji)

There's nothing more annoying than having to wander down a labyrinth of hotel room hallways to locate your friend's room that was booked miles away from yours. Sometimes it can be difficult to secure a block of rooms for a group vacation. An Airbnb allows for everyone to be in the same place. This is especially important for families with young children or older loved ones.

Hello! We don't want grandpa lugging his walker the length of a football field to the breakfast buffet!

For my recent birthday my friends and I rented an AMAZING South American castle overlooking the ocean. The home was actually situated in the glamorous hills of La Jolla, CA but had an amazing South American design with the use of large wood doors, Spanish-style tiling, indigenous pottery and rustic chandeliers.

The best part of the trip was cooking and socializing in the rental's sprawling kitchen, complete with aged emerald cabinets and an opening to the living room for easy conversation and the passing of appetizers. The fact that we closed our bedroom doors at night and opened them the next morning for coffee and breakfast in the same home felt wonderful. There was privacy when needed but community when desired!

Sooo Budget Friendly 

Booking through Airbnb or VRBO can actually get you more bang for your buck, especially for the homes that are in more remote locations. You can spend a week in a mansion for less than a popular resort's hotel room if you do your research. Also, investigate peak rental times vs. the slower season. If you book during the slow season, prices are oftentimes cut in half! Our South American castle was highly discounted because we booked our stay right before the holiday season. Prices nearly doubled a week later!

Crazy Amenities

Home rentals allow for luxurious or even zany amenities depending on the owner. Pools, hot tubs, grills, fire pits, lawn games, two-story slides - you name it! Depending on the place you can find unique aspects like a star gazing tower or sauna. These amenities make the trip even more magical and provide memories that would far surpass a dull hotel room.

Technology- hooray!

Many Airbnb owners are progressive and tech-savvy. Our recent rental had an entire app that provided the key code, WiFi, and other pertinent info for our stay. We checked in and out through the app. It was so hassle free! No lost room keys, no waiting for check in, or annoying lines. It's all about you and your people.

Our view each day

Needless to say, Airbnb is worth a try! For those still on the fence about this newer trend for lodging, many rentals have reviews where you can read up on cleanliness, overall experience, and more. My birthday was the absolute best thanks to our home rental in the hills of La Jolla. What's more, it made the lengthy travel for my visiting friends well worth it! We were able to truly focus on being together and not worry about locating and corralling everyone. 

Cheers to enhanced vacationing! 

My beanie babes ready for a walk to downtown La Jolla

Oh yea, the vibes were GOOD

Have you tried an Airbnb or VRBO rental before? Where did you stay? Which do you prefer? I'd love to hear from you in the comments section!

Photos via Sea Breeze Vacation Rentals, home originally found on VRBO website 


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