Friday, October 7, 2016

5 Reasons Why You NEED To Visit Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a desert oasis dotted with soaring palm trees, sprinkled with languid backyard pools, and silhouetted by a burning mountainscape. It's a far (and refreshing!) cry from the grit of L.A. and even puts laid back San Diego to shame when it comes to relaxation.

If you're traveling to Palm Springs from other parts of the country get excited about desert vibes! Joshua Trees, Cacti, and some major dry heat. These are by no means reasons to plan a Palm Springs get away. But they do contribute to the beauty and majesty of this Rat Pack hideaway.

Side note: The Rat Pack was a group of super suave actors in the 1960's (including Frank Sinatra!) who took trips from L.A. to Palm Springs to beat the crowds and noise and relax.

If that isn't reason enough to visit this town, I've got 5 more coming at you!

Reason # 1, It's Retro-fabulous!

Retro, retro, retro. Everything in Palm Springs has this super chic, vintage vibe. From homes to hotels, restaurants and bars, it'll feel like you've time traveled to a vintage wonderland! Just look at this cocktail stirrer from The Roc Shop. Doesn't it scream "I'm a sophisticated woman twirling my smartly mixed cocktail and staring down my nose at you through vixen cat eye sunglasses"?

I think so.

Reason # 2, It's an Excuse to Break Out the Pool Toys!

It's common knowledge that Palm Springs is a toasty little town in the Summer months. With temperatures breaking 110 with ease, locals rarely find themselves far from a pool. As a tourist, you'd be wise to do the same. And why not do it with style? 

Along with the pool culture comes a celebration of pool accessories! If you've wanted to break out your flamingo float, THIS is the place! Vintage shades bigger than your face? DO IT. Floppy hats, sarongs, flowing sheer cover ups, and brightly patterned towels are all staples for a Palm Springs get away. 

Reason # 3, Great Shakes

Another way to beat the heat is to cool off with a frosty concoction. While there are plenty of smoothie and ice cream joints in town, only one provides a donut slipped daintily around your colorful shake straw.

I'm talking about Great Shakes of Palm Springs. With crazy delicious flavors like White Chocolate Lavender, Key Lime Pie, S'More, and Banana Caramel Graham there is something for everyone.

Reason # 4, Serious Relaxation

I'm not exaggerating when I say that Palm Springs has a slower pace of life than most large U.S. cities. The people are friendly and the scenery is beautiful. You'd be lucky to find a building over three stories tall, so there's no fear of missing the sunset because of congested city buildings. 

In addition, there are tons of 5 star resorts and hotels with top notch spa services to further your relaxation mode. 

Reason # 5, It's a Girls' Weekend to the Max

Seriously! When I think about my ideal girlfriend get away or planning a close friend's bachelorette weekend Palm Springs is first to come to mind. It's so girlfriend friendly! With boutique shopping, affordable house rentals (a pool being a must!), and a short drive for those in Southern California, it makes for the perfect girls' weekend.

I've fallen in love with a good languid day spent in Palm Springs. It really feels like time-travel back to an ultra-cool, ultra-sexy time period.

I recommend toting along a good book for your days by the pool and to hit up my favorite restaurant, Trio.

Have you guys visited Palm Springs? Does this sort of vacation appeal to you? If you've been, I'd love to hear your favorite spots! I've yet to find the perfect hotel.


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