Monday, June 27, 2016

5 Ways to Have More Motivation

Sometimes I feel like a dumpy, soggy muffin. Isn't that a gross visual?

Just imagine in your mind a wilting muffin.

It was once fresh from the oven and radiating with silent energy in its little muffin wrapper. That muffin was ready to take on the world. It had that just baked muffin aroma wafting around the noses of all of the other kitchen foods. Its chocolate chips were glistening from their oven sauna and their dark, slick coats shimmered in the kitchen light.

The toaster was mad with envy.

But the muffin paid no mind to the envious appliance. That muffin was ready to kick some ass.

When we first embark on a new endeavor or goal, whether it be a new business, new role, new work out plan, we often have this special newness and freshness that acts as encouragement to lead us on.

We are much like a newly baked muffin. Is this analogy a stretch? Perhaps, but I'm having way too much fun with it.

After a while, repeated trials can wear us down and deplete us of this newness - this readiness to conquer the task at hand. The bad-ass muffin can become a complacent muffin with little motivation.

After all, goals are hard work. Every now and then you need a little re-boot, a fresh start. You need a fire to be lit under your batter and you need to get cooking again!

What do I suggest for all you soggy muffins out there? Here are 5 ways to have more motivation.

1) Get Physical 

While motivation is a mental concept, there is so  much in us that is directly affected by our physical condition. Sometimes we need a physical jolt to get our mind's attention. "Hey! Snap out of it! We've got shit to do!"

If mental conversations about being more motivated aren't doing the trick, let your body set the example for your mental state.

If staring for hours at your computer screen is not increasing productivity, get out from behind the thing that's making you hunch over and get moving.

Go for a brisk walk, go for a run, inhale deeply, and let your physical actions relay to your mind that it needs to take action as well. I truly believe that a lethargic body can lead to a lethargic mind. So unroll that yoga mat, grab Fido's leash, find a pole dancing class, whatever! Just get moving.

Keep your motivation sharp by staying active.

2) Skip the Coffee

I know, that's a horrible suggestion for you avid coffee drinkers. I get it. Coffee is like crack.

But, if you can manage to swap out the coffee for regular energy fueling fluids like water, green juices, and coconut water you can ward off the crash that coffee ultimately induces AND you can maintain constant energy levels.

Way better for motivation. Goodbye 3-o-clock slump!

3) Visualize Your Goals Being Achieved 

Now just as much as the physical body can directly affect the mental self, your thoughts can directly affect your actions. Duh.

Instead of visualizing the fear of failure or not wanting to do a task, try visualizing that task being accomplished, and accomplished very well!

It's likened to a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your body is more likely to follow through with your goal that needs physical action (writing a paper, doing a work out, completing a presentation) when you have visualized this success in your mind.

After all, your body is much more comfortable completing a task that it has meditated on in a positive light, rather than a negative light.

Basically you are statistically more likely to kick butt at something that you have visualized yourself kicking butt at first.

Think: kick butt. Then: kick butt.

4) Do The Thing You Least Want To Do First

This is a favorite from motivational speakers and productivity writers alike. You'll also find that the task is not half as bad as you are making it out to be once you get started.

Nail the icky task down first, then the rest of your day is breeze.

5) Find Your Role Model

We are only human. Being human is a fantastic thing. We are complicated, we are terrible, and we are wonderful. But, we are only human.

Don't settle for finding motivation solely within yourself. My good friend Alex offered up this advice.

Look to others that are fighting for the same goals. Look to men and women who inspire you. Sometimes it just takes reading about someone else's struggles with a particular goal or seeing them succeed in their goal to get you motivated.

We are a communal species and there is so much to be gained from role models within our fields and interests. I encourage you to locate a person you look up to and watch their daily habits for motivation.

Take note and apply. You may be surprised by the results.

Got any motivation tips? I'd love to hear them! Between battling coffee cravings and forcing myself to yoga class, I can ALWAYS use new tips!

Photography By:

Danielle Alexandra Shultz

Hair and Makeup by Iliamar Palacios

Iliamar Palacios 


  1. What a refreshing read with such great tips!!! I particularly love (and really need to follow) the advice of doing your least favorite task first. I'm the worst procrastinator and tend to always save the worst for last!

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