Sunday, May 15, 2016

Why Adults Need Fairytales

Confession: I'm a huge fantasy literature nerd. I love dragons and fairies. I love princesses who escape their stuffy assumed roles as quiet and docile women. I love handsome poppers who get by on charm and wit. I love secret passageways, magic carpets, and enchanted forests. I love inanimate objects that talk. I love white rabbits with waistcoats. 

I love being transported from this world into another through the words on a page.

Who doesn't like a little break from the mundane of the morning commute and paying bills?

I also love the time period garb that is associated with most fairy tale or fantasy literature. Crowns, sweeping gowns, flowing tendrils of princess hair - it's a little girl's dream come true.

At the age of 27, these aspects still enchant me; still speak to my inner child.

I think holding on to the magic of fairy tales is our modern day fountain of youth. They're inspiring tales of bravery and overcoming odds. Much like the American dream, they model that despite your circumstances, you can rise to what you want to be.

Sure, some of the stories convey that patience, kindness, and having mice as friends will ensure everything turns out alright in the end. No, that's not reality. But as a whole, there is so much to be gleaned from the magic of make believe.

It can be life-giving for our weary, worn adult souls.

Growing up, literature was my escape from the monotonous and often times harsh world of adolescence. Not to say one should totally escape from their present circumstances, but the pages of these books provided hope and solace for me during uncertain and transitional times.

I may have not felt like a confidant heroin on the outside with the marks of puberty (hello acne), but I could hold to that feeling on the inside.

Today I'm happy to say I carry with me these page painted winding castle turrets, deep enchanted forests, and gleaming knight's armor as I take on the adult world.

They act as a reminder to never take life too seriously and that every situation can be made a little more enjoyable with some imagination.

I encourage you to take a break from your crime shows and binge Netflix watching. Try cracking open a book that will take your mind somewhere new.

Get wrapped up in a story.

Go beyond just watching plot lines unfold on a screen.

Take the journey with your mind's eye. The possibilities are endless and the magic is always there waiting for you.

What were your favorite fairy tales growing up? Which ones spoke to you specifically?

Do you think fairy tales are just for little kids? I want to hear from you!

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Ruby Bloom

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Danielle Alexandra Shultz

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Iliamar Palacios 

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