Thursday, March 10, 2016

Why Humans Love Coffee

There's something timeless about two hands slipping around the curved edges of a steaming cup of coffee and raising it to meet one's mouth. Can you visualize those hands? Picture them now.

Are they worn and nobbled, perhaps the hands of an old shoe maker taking a break from his morning's work? Are they youthful and polished, like the hands of a protege ballerina taking in the morning of her most important recital? Are they the hands of a homeless man, just having picked up his free coffee and bagel from the church down the street? Coffee is a human invention and in turn drinking it humanizes us, despite our current place in life.

Think about it. How many countless individuals have taken part in this ritual? Across continents, income brackets, ethnicities, and cultures there remains the universal symbol of what a mug in hand means. It means pressing pause.

Yes - pressing pause despite life's circumstances. After all, you can only do so much with piping hot liquid between your hands. You're almost required to stop and savor the moment. Even you on-the-go thermos carriers know the challenge of sipping hot coffee while in brisk step.

I think that's the magic of mugs. They fill up our hands and unknowingly, a little bit of our hearts.

I've grown very fond of coffee mugs and the associated moments that go along with them. Sometimes they're steaming quietly computer-side as I begin checking E-mails. Sometimes they're tight in hand as I'm catching a rare sunrise (OK, very rare sunrise). Other times these little mugs are getting an ear full over excited conversation at a bustling coffee shop.

No matter the environment, their silent presence adds to the scene.

I actually think each mug has its own personality. You think I'm crazy right? Maybe I watched Beauty and the Beast one too many times (inanimate objects being personified to the maaax) but I like to think each vessel has its own vibe and contribution to my sipping moments. As a result, I've started a small collection of these mugs. It's the only thing I've ever consistently collected and I take joy in choosing my mug for the day.

This mug I found in my stocking one Christmas, stuffed with Christmas goodies.

This guy was a recent birthday present from my little sister (Target find!). Call me basic, but who doesn't love a monogrammed drink holder?

Anthropologie is the maker of this piece of art in mug form. I just love the mix of patterns and color.

This particular cup holds a very special place in my heart. While attending church as an uncertain, awkward preteen I was able to learn from an amazing group of women. These women of faith taught other young girls and myself the value of our worth. 

They taught us not to look to the outside world or to men for our affirmation, but to know that we are inherently magnificent - hello, we are a product of the Maker of the heavens and the earth! 

Now that's true artistry. 

One woman named Joy (such a fitting name!) gave each of us a real porcelain china tea cup to act as a reminder that we are so valued in God's eyes and should never accept being treated like anything less than fine china. My tea cup has donned many a bookshelf and desk throughout my life. When I look at it I am reminded that my Maker believes me to be so beautiful, inside and out, even when the world is telling me I'm not. 

The black mug to the left was a going away present given by my very best friends in a basket of St. Louis themed items. Kaldi's is a coffee shop unique to St. Louis and a few other select areas. On days that I'm missing one dear friend in particular, Laura, I sip this mug and remember our good times sharing both roast and remark, cozied up in one of their shops (my favorite being the Demun location, which you must take cobblestone pathways to reach).

The handmade mug in the center is one I'm especially fond of. During the first few weeks of my new job in California I was really struggling with adjusting to the 8-5 routine. I'd come home from work absolutely drained.

 On my second date with my now boyfriend I toted this little mug along, filled to the brim with black coffee, and with hopes that I wouldn't come off too sleepy! Riding shotgun, suppressing both butterflies and smiles, I sipped from this mug. Little did I know that it made quite the impression on Chris. He thought it was adorable. So much so that when a roommate accidentally broke off the handle of the mug, Chris insisted on super gluing it back together with much care.

In retrospect I'm thinking, EW coffee breath on the second date?

Where my Disney fans at? Chip can not go amiss! I purchased him at Disneyland. He's always been a dream buy of mine.

Two words: WAR EAGLE!

Would you like some context? My entire family is from Alabama. You're either a University of Alabama football fan or an Auburn University football fan. I'm the latter. Oh and that phrase in caps, that's the Auburn battle cry. You know, because football is like going to errr war.

My grandmother got me this mug and I LOVE it. It's hideous and has camouflage as the base pattern and I adore her adorableness for purchasing it with me in mind. It's about the furthest from my style that you can get. Hey, every mug has a story.

The physicality of the mugs we sip from ranges vast and wide. Although the warmth and moments gathered from them finds more commonality than we might think. What's your mug story? Do you have a favorite place to go and grab coffee? Right now I'm vibing on Better Buzz Coffee along with the rest of Encinitas, CA. I would LOVE to hear about any other cool spots in San Diego or your neck of the woods!

Floral Arrangements By:

Ruby Bloom

Photography By:

Danielle Alexandra Shultz

Refurbished Shabby Chic Cabinet By:

Danielle Alexandra Shultz


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