Friday, March 25, 2016

5 Steps to Festival Fashion

The weather is heating up and with it people are pitching tents, stringing lights, constructing stages, securing corn dog vendors, and finalizing their set list for upcoming music festivals.  I absolutely love the idea of a music festival.

- Epic desert landscapes, hauntingly good music, dancing late into the night under a star-drenched galaxy, and waking up the next day with friends to do it all again. 

Yes, these are the attributes millions have come to adore about music festivals. Perhaps one of my favorite aspects of these festivals is the fashion.  Celebrities and brands alike clamor to showcase the latest trends on the dusty festival grounds. While just about anything goes, there is a certain boho-chic vibe that accompanies the festival crowd. If you haven't seen my Instagram, I'm basically obsessed with this trend.

How does one achieve this carefree-yet-secretly-calculated look? Here are 5 steps to show you how to achieve fashion fit for front row at Coachella.

1) Forget Normal

You're in the desert or a field for crying out loud! You're not going to the office or out for tea so skip the basics or anything you might wear to visit your grandma. This is your chance to get funky with your wardrobe and experiment. It's a fashion free-for-all so take advantage and rock something you've been a little nervous about wearing for everyday life. People will be in banana suits so no one is going to bat an eye at your crop top or lace-up sandals. Seriously, banana suits.

2) Over Accessorize 

Slip a ring on multiple fingers, stack some bangles, throw a coin belt around your waist. ALL OF IT. Do all of these things, not just one.

You may think that it's too much, but that's kind of the idea. Think gypsy goddess on the road toting all of her jewelry possessions in hand (or on hand rather).

A head accessory is a must. Don a flower crown or floppy hat for a capitalized boho-chic look. I LOVE how much a hat or circlet of florals can instantly make an outfit wow worthy. It's just so darn easy to do and solves the unkempt hair problem in a flash.

3) Incorporate Color

It's amazing what textiles and patterns can do for a look. The desert gets chilly when the sun goes down, so tote a thick woven blanket along for not only warmth but a chic, striking accessory to up your desert boho vibes. This particular one has a coyote and cactus featured in the pattern on one side.

4) Style your Hair and Makeup to Match

This means beachy waves and no tight curls or heavy makeup. A lot of people are staying in tents, so keep your look practical and natural. I'm a total mascara girl, so I may opt to play up the eyes and leave the lips with a nice nude sheen. Oh and BRONZE. Bronze away! Bronzing powder is your friend. Anything for that sun kissed glow (minus the harmful, aging rays of the sun).

5) Don't Sweat It

Seriously, fashion is made to be fun. If you like it, wear it. At the end of the day you want to be comfortable with your attire, not just in a comfortable like I can walk around all day in this comfort, but an I feel lovely and inspired in this outfit comfort.

Because ultimately how your fashion makes you feel on the inside will radiate on the outside.

Are any of you going to Coachella or another musical festival this year? Do you agonize over your outfits or just wing it?

Do tell!

Hair and Makeup by:

Iliamar Palacios 

Photography by:

d.a. studios

Danielle's Instagram

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