Tuesday, February 9, 2016

DIY Vision Board

Now, I know what you're thinking. Taylor, isn't it a little late to be dreaming up goals for 2016? Hello? February is in full swing; Cupid is practically sitting on our shoulder whispering about how we need to paint our nails red and buy stupid boys chocolate!

Whoa, slow your roll Cupid and bear with me readers. Now is the absolute perfect time to goal set because it's now. It's happening, it's present. There's no rule that says all of your New Year's resolutions have to be set in stone at the stroke of Midnight or poof! - they just don't happen. If anything, you may have a better idea of what your goals look like or which ones maybe aren't so feasible after having lived a full month into the year 2016.

So maybe I've inspired you into some "late" goal setting. Or perhaps you already have those goals written down. Let me introduce a key element in attaining these goals: A visual! As a highly visual person, I took to creating a vision board to help me actually see my goals on a daily basis and see them in a aesthetically pleasing way! You know I'm all about the aesthetics.

Studies have shown that a daily visual representation of one's dreams or aspirations lead to a highly increased correlation between the goals set and the goals met. You're literally conditioning your brain to think about your goals, i.e. make them happen!

This is not only way more fun than just jotting them down on paper, but it's also an intimate and creative way to take what's brewing on the inside and explode it into existence within the realm of physical life.

I spotted a large wooden frame leaning against a dumpster in an alley months ago. Despite my boyfriend suggesting that I not take home the grimy, spidery dumpster frame, I snatched it up anyways.

And so it sat on my patio for quite some time, collecting dust and raindrops and eventually drying out in the sun. This cycle continued until one day I decided to make that old wooden frame into a bit of magic.

I swiped a can of turquoise spray paint that I had left over from a prior DIY project and went to town on coating the frame. Spray paint is awesome because you just point and shoot; there really isn't any skill involved.

I suggest applying a solid coat, spraying in long sweeping motions at about 8-10 inches from the object, and letting it dry for about 5 minutes. This ensures you don't get clumpy build-up of paint on the item you're coating.

Then you can go back and spray until your desired amount of coats are applied. The fun thing about my project is that I ran out of paint pretty fast, so unintentionally ended up with the shabby chic look for my frame.

Side note, do use appropriate coverage underneath the item you're spraying so not to have the paint stain anything other than the item itself. I got some nasty looks from my fellow neighbors for painting the sidewalk blue. Whoops! I did it for the vision.

Next I applied a cork board backer. This can be purchased at almost any craft store. The cork is generally sold in rolls. Take out a sturdy pair of scissors and cut the cork to fit your frame. Then, taking a hot glue gun, line the back of the frame with a layer of glue and adhere your cork to the back of the frame.

The next part is really fun. Search around for anything that inspires you or pertains to your goals. I included meaningful quotes, a picture of a book (because reading more is one of my goals for 2016), the phrase "Girl Boss" (a reminder to give all of my endeavors, from job to blogging my absolute A game), and even pictures of some of my fondest relationships (Hello boyfriend, hello sister!). The result is an array of visuals that truly give me delight. Now I just have to hang it above my desk!

I chose to string a tissue garland to the top of the frame to give it some extra oomph! My 2016 goals basically look like a party.

Has anyone else attempted a DIY Vision Board? Did you experience increased productivity towards your goals? One thing I wish I had added to my board was a picture of some veggies - hah!

Photography by Danielle Alexandra Schultz of d. a. Studios;

d.a. studios

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Floral Arrangements by Mandy of Ruby Bloom;

Ruby Bloom Floral Designs

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  1. I love DYI projects, especially ones you can do outside! I also LOVE the idea of reading more, and incorporating that into your vision board. Mark Zuckerberg, had a great idea of challenging himself for 2015, to read a new book every other week -- with an emphasis on learning about different cultures, beliefs, histories and technologies, and then sharing it. I would be interested in a follow up post from you, on your goals and success' on your board, and what you've learned etc.! Thanks for sharing Taylor.

    1. Thanks for the thoughtful response! I like Zuckerberg's reading challenge that you brought up. The idea of learning about differing cultures, beliefs, histories, and technologies seems powerful. I tend to stay in my little nook of comfort when it comes to reading - reading about what I know and enjoy. In turn you've challenged me to not only expand my genre selection but to also do a follow up post - I'm stoked! And a bit nervous, haha. What are some of your goals for this year? You seem to be driven.

  2. way cute. where did you get the tissue garland?

    1. Elle, thank you! The tissue garland is from Amazon. Here is the link: