Friday, February 12, 2016

5 Ways to Make Your Valentine's Day The Best Ever

Valentine's Day is a tricky little bugger. It's wonderful and makes you want to puke all at once. Wonderful because who doesn't love hearts, flowers, and feeling adored? Those small romantic gestures can bring a light to our eyes and stir up butterflies that may have long since gone quiet inside us. On the flip side Valentines day can feel well...pukish. All of the lovey-dovey stuff has the potential to mount into an overwhelming mound of greeting cards, marketing driven sales-i-ness, unmet expectations, and emptiness. Especially for those of us lacking a Valentine or a loved one close by. It can feel like a waste of time or just plain not our holiday.

Well I've got something to help Cupid out: Five ways to ensure you have the best Valentine's Day yet! Grab your bow, strap on some wings, and straighten that halo because we're playing cupid this year.

1) DO make it an occasion.

That's right; don't ignore the onslaught of candy in the drug store aisle or sudden flood of mannequins in shop windows draped in romantic red garb. This IS a holiday and whether or not it's the holiday for you in this particular moment in time, make an effort to celebrate in your own way. Break out your notebook and brainstorm ways to make February 14th out of the ordinary. Wear red, paint your nails, watch a Valentine's Day sunrise - anything to acknowledge that yes, this is a special day. This is a day of love. Love life every day, but especially on the day our species marks as a national day of leeerv.

Besides, going through February 14th acting like it doesn't exist is like ignoring free pizza in the break room. You CAN'T.

2) DO spice up your wardrobe.

Single or not, there's nothing like a spicy little wardrobe number to make you feel hot! Red shoes? Even hotter. Let's say you're doing nothing but running errands this Valentine's Day. Make a statement and don some killer red heels. The grocery store aisle is your dance floor and your fellow shoppers will appreciate the festiveness. Trust me, your shoes are way more interesting than their grocery lists and screaming toddlers.

Speaking of which - got a screaming toddler? Throw spicy shoes in the mix and you're one hot mama calling attention from all areas, both for the shoes and the set of pipes on your little one.

3) DO wear red lipstick.

It's classy and fun and every girl should try it at least once. Plus you can run around making adorable kiss marks on things like coffee mugs, mirrors, and boys' faces.

4) DO eat something sweet.

I mean, it is Valentine's Day. Chocolate sales sky rocket. Commemorate the day with a little indulging. I personally love the idea of parking myself in a cozy little coffee shop and mixing my two favorite things -sweets and coffee. Sit, sip, and savor whatever the cute barista behind the counter recommends. Have you ever truly sat and contemplated how smooth and delicious chocolate is on your tongue? Try it. It's just that - an experience.

5) DO express love.

To your mom, to a stranger, to the old basset hound next door. Whoever it may be, extend an act of kindness their way. The feeling you'll get from giving to others beats receiving a whole box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates (and damn those things are good).

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Do you love or hate the day? I want to hear from you :)

Photography by Danielle Alexandra Schultz of d.a. studios

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  1. This post has me so inspired to up the ante on my shoe wardrobe! I love those heels, and I love the heels you rocked in the office today!!! My favorite tips are #2, #4, and #5! <3

    1. Thank you Alison! It's amazing how empowering a pair of shoes can be for work and or play! I'm glad you enjoyed the fashion elements to this post as well as the part about showing love :)