Thursday, January 14, 2016

Girl like the Sea

If you take a drive along the scenic 101 of North County San Diego you'll become privy to some of the most breathtaking views in all of the country.

From crashing waves lapping at pebbly shorelines to sunsets burning and flashing and fading into the depths of the dark pacific, this region packs a punch in the aesthetics department.

In addition to the scenic beauty, North County San Diego also offers an array of human demographics; some millionaires, others homeless (their garb often perplexingly similar).

Prince and pauper alike can be found teeming amongst the eateries and shops of the coastal towns that dot this great expanse of water. It's a raw and wild sort of place, several miles removed from the buzzing downtown of San Diego.

 The harsh cliffs that tumble into the sands sit as reminder that although beautiful, this place is by no means soft. The ocean is especially fierce in the winters and should not be underestimated.

Speaking of fierce things and things not to be underestimated, I have a friend that very much reminds me of the sea. Although her body mass is smaller than most humans, the heart and drive within her surpasses depths comparable to our oceans. 

She is a wild little thing-tangled blond wisps of hair peeking beneath a collection of beanies, eyes deep and warm like honey in the sun. Her features are strong and her endurance stronger.

This girl runs marathons, practices yoga, surfs, and regularly pushes her physical limits to better herself. She is the epitome of an athlete and her name is Alex. 

Coming from an athletic background centered around cheerleading and gymnastics, Alex has since channeled her physical capabilities into markedly more outdoor related endeavors. During her stint in Chicago she regularly trained and competed in cross-country skiinga grueling sport that requires massive amounts of stamina and endurance.

Upon moving to the west coast Alex paddled out on a short board relentlessly and quickly picked up the art of surfing. She's now a regular dropping in on some of North County's finest swells. 

Sometimes Alex is still and pensive. Despite her need for movement and physical exertion, she also has a deep appreciation for reflective moments in art and literature. I've witnessed her cozied up in her room, reading by soft lamplight.

Other times it's a sketch pad she's pulling from an always-overstuffed backpack and she sits and sketches for hours and ends up hating whatever she's conjured. Her little fury comes out and it's wonderful. 

The quote "Do not be delicate, be vast and brilliant" comes to mind when I think of this fiery little woman. 

I think often times we as females feel the need to be quaint and delicate; we end up sort of like little pastel macarons: lovely to look at, but add a little pressure and they will surely crumble in your palm. 

What is it with this concept of timidity being equated to beauty? I think fury, in the right realm, is beauty.

I think fighting tooth and nail for your goals is beauty. I think roaring is beauty. I think sweat and struggle and scarred epidermis is beauty. And I'm starting to think delicate is not so beautiful. 

Perhaps it's the dichotomy of her small stature and inhuman athletic feats that impresses me so.

Maybe it's her ability to charge waves with fear but determination.

Maybe it's the quiet thoughtfulness she possesses when listening to a song. All of it strikes the writer in me with pangs of telling. She truly is a girl like the sea.

Alex works as a web analyst for an advertising agency in San Diego. In her spare time she enjoys surfing, training for marathons, and exploring new music. She's currently reading "A Sportsman's Notebook". In addition, Alex has an adorable nightly ritual of dessert before bed.

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